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Brand New Itches


We have been working on the Six Shooter Saloon project for quite some time, but we are so proud to see how far it has come along.

To reflect its growth, we felt it was appropriate to create a new page. This page has been set up to give the public and players a platform to download Six Shooter Saloon directly onto their mobile devices, and also a space to leave us feedback.

In the description, we have left a SurveyMonkey link to ask specific questions we would like answered.

Please follow the link below if you would like to download the latest build on and leave us your feedback. For the future, we plan to release Six Shooter Saloon to the Google Play store and from there you can get in touch with us.

Download Six Shooter Saloon on

Going Mobile


Following on from our amazing time at Middlesex University, we have been pushing the Six Shooter Saloon development to Android platforms.

With a clearer vision and mission for the project, we have hit the ground running, and though things haven’t been always smooth sailing, it seems to be less trouble than was originally thought to port for mobile devices.

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Hello, everybody!
Here is a quick update for the week of October following on from our visit to Middlesex University.

Mobile Development and Touch detection 

We are going to be using Unity Remote to help with the mobile development. What this allows us to do is run a unity scene directly onto the device through the USB connection. This means a quick testing and debugging flow.

We are developing touch detections for the movement system of the game. What will happen now is players will touch their device screens and their character player will aim towards their touch position. As they move their fingers across the screen, the character will follow this movement.

To shoot the player will simply have to lift his or her finger from the screen to signal the end of their touch phase, triggering a player-has-shot boolean.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, and please continue to follow us for future updates on the project!


Middlesex University


Middlesex University, what can we say, it was a pleasure to have been around such a receptive establishment.

We arrived at probably the most hectic and busiest of times for the university. Tensions and nerves could be felt in the air as first years wandered around the spacious campus looking for where their next classes are located, but there was also a warmth from the smiles and laughter of  returning students. Continue reading

Development Update: 10/Aug/15


Since our last update, we have essentially gone back to the drawing and tried to revert the Six Shooter Saloon project back to where it really needs to be. Back to the original path it was on.

We are quite sure that this is the best move for the project going forward. What this means is that all those new features we mentioned earlier are now going to be chucked out the window.

We are now going to be developing the project for mobile devices so we have the following: Continue reading